Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa City Council Chambers
175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center
Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 1:00 P.M.

Meeting No. 1217

Complete Agenda Packet


  1. Approval of Minutes of October 23, 2018 (Meeting No. 1216). Exhibit




  1. 22515—Linda Rollins
    Special Exception to permit a carport in the street setback and street yard  (Sec. 90.090-C.1); Variance to permit a structure to be located within City of Tulsa street right-of-way/planned street right-of-way (Section 90.090-A).  LOCATION:  903 South Urbana Avenue East  (CD 4) Exhibit

  2. 22528—Christopher Parle
    Special Exception to exceed the allowable driveway width in the street right-of-way and in the street setback (Section 55.090-F3).  LOCATION:  3318 South Jamestown East  (CD 9) Exhibit

    Staff requests a continuance to 12/11/2018.



  1. 22533—Tresa Camp
    Special Exception to allow a manufactured housing unit on an RS-3 zoned lot; Special Exception to extend the time limit to allow a manufactured home on the site for more than 1 year (Section 5.020 & Section 40.210-A);  Variance to allow a non-all-weather parking surface material (Section 55.090-F).  LOCATION:  5473 North Peoria Avenue East  (CD 1) Exhibit

  2.   22527—Ron M. Barnes
    Special Exception to allow a fence/wall to exceed 8 feet in height within the required building and street setbacks (Section 45.080-A).  LOCATION:  2660 South Boston Avenue East  (CD 4) Exhibit

  3. 22532—Justin Pickard
    Special Exception to allow a duplex in the RS-3 District (Table 5-2.5); Variance to reduce the required lot area and lot area per unit requirement; Variance to reduce the lot width requirement for a duplex use in the RS-3 District (Table 5-3); Variance of the required 25-foot setback from an adjacent R-District for special exception uses (Table 5-3).  LOCATION:  3184 North Iroquois Avenue East  (CD 1) Exhibit

  4. 22535—Maureen Johnson
    Special Exception to allow a fence to exceed 8 feet in height within the required building setbacks and exceed 4 feet in height within the required street setbacks (Section 45.080-A).  LOCATION:  3151 East 38th Place South  (CD 9) Exhibit

  5. 22536—Gerardo Campos
    Special Exception to allow a commercial/commercial service/building service use in a CS District (Table 15-2); Variance of the dustless, all-weather surface requirement to permit gravel drive and parking area (Section 55.090-F2).  LOCATION:  13100 East 11th Street South  (CD 6) Exhibit

  6. 22537—Cliff Beam
    Special Exception to allow a Commercial/Assembly & Entertainment/Outdoor Use in the CBD District (Table 15-2, Section 70.120).  LOCATION:  304 East 2nd Street South  (CD 4) Exhibit

  7. 22538—AAB Engineering, LLC – CBC Builds, LLC
    Variance to reduce the rear setback requirement in an RS-2 District to permit an existing structure (Table 5-3).  LOCATION:  2824 East 25th Street South  (CD 4) Exhibit

  8. 22539—Wallace Engineering – Mike Thedford
    Special Exception to permit an outdoor assembly & entertainment use; Special Exception to permit a hotel; Special Exception to permit a bar and brewpub in an IM District (Table 15-2); Variance to reduce the required number of parking spaces (Section 55.020, Table 55-1).  LOCATION:  SW/c of East Independence Street North & North Lansing Avenue East  (CD 1) Exhibit

  9. 22540—Wallace Engineering
    Special Exception to permit a school use to allow for a stadium and locker room (Section 40.350-A); Variance of the required number of parking spaces (Table 55-1).  LOCATION:  3909 East 5th Place South  (CD 4) Exhibit




  1. 22531—Gant Hinkle
    Possible Reconsideration of a Variance of the minimum lot width to allow for a lot split. (sec 5.030-A).  LOCATION:  4687 S. Columbia Ave.  (CD 9)





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