Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa City Council Chambers
175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 1:00 P.M.

Meeting No. 1192

Complete Agenda Packet



  1. 22285—Valorey Totten
    Special Exception to allow a Type 2 Home Occupation in an RS-1 District to permit a landscaping business (Section 45.100).  LOCATION:  19140 East 7th Street South (CD 6) Exhibit
  1. 22320—Donald & Dee Ann Short
    Special Exception to allow a Bed and Breakfast (short-term rental) in an R District (Section 5.020).  LOCATION:  1716 East 13th Street South (CD 4) Exhibit



  1. 22291—Dale Williams
    Special Exception to permit a detached house in a CH District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2).  LOCATION:  East of the NE/c of East 34th Street & South Peoria Avenue East (CD 9) Exhibit

  2. 22323—Donald Walton
    Special Exception to allow a Bed and Breakfast (Airbnb) in the RS-3 District (Section 5.020).  LOCATION:  5912 South Richmond Avenue East (CD 9) Exhibit

  3. 22324—Donald Walton
    Special Exception to allow a Bed and Breakfast (Airbnb) in the RS-3 District (Section 5.020).  LOCATION:  4411 East 59th Place South (CD 9) Exhibit

  4. 22325—Eller & Detrich – Lou Reynolds
    Special Exception to allow the driveway width to exceed 30 feet in width on an RS-1 zoned lot (Section 55.090-F3).  LOCATION:  2745 East Birmingham Place South (CD 4) Exhibit

  5. 22326—Mary Christian
    Special Exception to allow a carport in the street yard area and allow the area of the carport to exceed 400 sq. ft. (Section 90.090- C.1).  LOCATION:  711 South Allegheny Avenue  (CD 5) Exhibit

  6. 22327—KKT Architects
    Special Exception to allow a Community Center designated as a Public, Civic, and Institutional/ Government Services, Not Elsewhere Classified, in the CH/OL/IM/RM-3 zoning districts.(Section 15.020, Table 15-2).  LOCATION:  815 South Utica East (CD 4) Exhibit

  7. 22328—Tom Daman
    Special Exception to allow a Commercial/Assembly Indoor Entertainment use (large capacity over 250) to be located in a CS District to allow a health club (Section 15.020).  LOCATION:  3138 South Garnett Road East (CD 6) Exhibit

  8. 22329—Eller & Detrich
    Special Exception to permit a Residential Treatment Center in a CH District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2); Verification of the 2,640 feet spacing requirement between residential treatment and similar uses (Section 40.130-B).  LOCATION:  6126 East 32nd Place South (CD 5) Exhibit

  9. 22330—Mohammad Ashad
    Variance to reduce the street (rear) setback from South Sheridan Road (Section 5.030).  LOCATION:  8312 South 65th Place East  (CD 8) Exhibit

  10. 22331—Jack Arnold
    Variance to reduce the front (street) setback to 25 feet along East 30th Place to permit an addition to the existing home (Section 5.030).  LOCATION:  1630 East 30th Place South (CD 4) Exhibit

  11. 22332—Ryan Strode
    Variance to allow more than a 25% coverage in the rear setback; Variance to allow a detached accessory building to exceed one story, exceed 18 feet in height and 10 feet at the top of the top plate; Variance to increase the permitted size of a detached accessory building to 2,070 square feet (Section 45.030).  LOCATION: 214 East Woodward Boulevard South (CD 4) Exhibit

  12. 22333—Wallace Engineering – Jim Beach
    Variance of maximum building height of a field house from 35 feet to 49 feet (Section 5.030).  LOCATION:  4929 North Peoria Avenue East  (CD 1) Exhibit

    Staff requests a continuance to the October 10, 2017 hearing date to correct a mistake in the legal description.

  13. 22334—Wallace Engineering – Jim Beach
    Special Exception to allow an outdoor assembly use in CH zoning (Section 15.020, Table 15-2).  LOCATION:  SW/c of South Trenton Avenue East and East 3rd Street South  (CD 4) Exhibit

  14. 22335—John Watchous
    Special Exception to permit a Trucking and Transportation Terminal in the CS District (Section 15.050).  LOCATION:  2500 North Sheridan Road East  (CD 3) Exhibit




    22315—Janet Fadler-Davie
    Special Exception to allow a Bed and Breakfast (Airbnb) in the CBD District (Section 15.020).  LOCATION:  808 East 3rd Street South  (CD 4) Exhibit

    Application was withdrawn because the requested relief was not needed.





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