The Community Development Projects (CDP) was the Planned Unit Development predecessor.  Prior to the adoption of the 1970 Zoning Ordinance, which created the PUD, the Board of Adjustment had the authority to approve CDPs.  All active CDPs that have not been terminated or replaced by a PUD are subject to Board of Adjustment action for changes or revisions.

All Community Development Projects (CDP), approved by the Tulsa Board of Adjustment prior to 1970, expired on June 30, 1975 unless building permits were issued for a use of land commenced in accordance with the terms and conditions approved by the Board of Adjustment.  Tulsa Zoning Code (1970), Section 204.

To view a Community Development Project  please select the corresponding CDP number you are interested in. 

If you have any questions regarding a Community Development Project please contact Dwayne Wilkerson at 918.579.94 or email: or Susan Miller at 918.579.9470 or email:

ACTIVE Community Development Projects
CDP20, CDP21, CDP22, CDP29, CDP33, CDP53, CDP54, CDP63, CDP80

EXPIRED Community Development Projects
02, CDP03, CDP04, CDP05, CDP06, CDP07, CDP08, CDP09,
10, CDP11, CDP12, CDP13, CDP14, CDP15, CDP16, CDP17, CDP18,
19, CDP23, CDP24, CDP25, CDP26, CDP27, CDP28, CDP30, CDP31,
CDP32, CDP34, CDP35, CDP36, CDP37, CDP38, CDP39, CDP40, CDP41,
42, CDP43, CDP44, CDP45, CDP46, CDP47, CDP48, CDP49, CDP50,
CDP51, CDP52, CDP55, CDP56, CDP57, CDP58, CDP59, CDP60, CDP61,
CDP62, CDP64, CDP65, CDP66, CDP67, CDP68, CDP69, CDP70, CDP71,
CDP72, CDP73, CDP74, CDP75, CDP76, CDP77, CDP78, CDP79, CDP81,
CDP82, CDP83, CDP84, CDP85, CDP86, CDP87

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